Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rabbit Evolution Proyect

The oldest ancestor of the rabbits and almost of every rodent is the Lagomorfa, this creature lived 53 million years ago. The rabbit has evolved from the Lagomorfa by growing longer legs and having a smaller size to be able to escape from the predator and be able to hide in the bushes. For all rodents there has not been found a clear fossil of the Lagomorfa but instead has been found bones and pieces of the whole specie.

The rabbit has adapted to its environment by making holes in which it hides to escape from the predator. Over the last few years, scientist have discovered that their ears have started to "fold" more towards there body, letting them fit through small spaces and hiding from the predator. Rabbits have long stretched paws to be able to run quickly and hop, allowing them to live in forests with bring branches, high trees and big animals.

I belief in the future, rabbits will evolve a thicker skin, they will start to move toward Asia, Africa and America, due to the climate change that will decrease the temperature of whole Europe. They will evolve into a different skin, kind of "spikes" (thicker skin) that will protect their skin from the sun rays and from predators. The usual colors (black, white, brown and gray) will vary to be able to allow camouflage in trees, bushes and plants.


  1. Make your poster smaller. Where are your paragraphs?

  2. Make your poster smaller. Where are your paragraphs?