Friday, March 6, 2015

Summative Questions

1. Which influences who are more - your genes (nature), or your environment (nurture)?
 Give a reason for your answer.

 Who you are is made up by you genes and the environment you live in, the genes take up how you look and sometimes small traits in your personality, your environment can define the way you react to some things, how you feel as well as many other things. Ex: My genes make me brown haired with brown eyes (nature), while my environment makes me happy and cheerful (nurture). I think what defines me the most is my environment (nurture) because it made y personality the way it is while my genes only made a small part of me, the way I look. You could be influenced by you genes if you have a diseases that is geneticly passed, Alzheimer is a genetic disease that can take away your memory slowly by the death of many brain cells, this causes the brain to shrink, making the brain loose nerve cells and connections. Diseases, as well as many other things that are passed on genetictly make up who you are.

 2. What could happen if DNA does not copy itself properly?

 If the DNA is not copied properly and other cells are not able to kill it, it will start reproducing causing a mutation. There both positive and negative mutations. Ex: A positive mutation can be humans nit getting sick, or being born and not being allergic to anything. A negative mutation can be anything that can easily spread, such as humans having a third eye.

3. Give a advantage and one disadvantage of asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Explain your answers.

A advantage of asexual reproduction is that it is a way faster process than sexual reproduction. A advantage of sexual reproduction is that the offspring is being protected from the outside until it is capable to protect itself. A disadvantage of asexual reproduction is that every single offspring has the same genes, is exactly the same. A disadvantage of sexual reproduction is that it is a slow process.

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