Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rabbit Evolution Proyect

The oldest ancestor of the rabbits and almost of every rodent is the Lagomorfa, this creature lived 53 million years ago. The rabbit has evolved from the Lagomorfa by growing longer legs and having a smaller size to be able to escape from the predator and be able to hide in the bushes. For all rodents there has not been found a clear fossil of the Lagomorfa but instead has been found bones and pieces of the whole specie.

The rabbit has adapted to its environment by making holes in which it hides to escape from the predator. Over the last few years, scientist have discovered that their ears have started to "fold" more towards there body, letting them fit through small spaces and hiding from the predator. Rabbits have long stretched paws to be able to run quickly and hop, allowing them to live in forests with bring branches, high trees and big animals.

I belief in the future, rabbits will evolve a thicker skin, they will start to move toward Asia, Africa and America, due to the climate change that will decrease the temperature of whole Europe. They will evolve into a different skin, kind of "spikes" (thicker skin) that will protect their skin from the sun rays and from predators. The usual colors (black, white, brown and gray) will vary to be able to allow camouflage in trees, bushes and plants.

Fossil Find

I think this is a cat because it has a similar structure, the legs are in a postion to notice it has legs that are made for running or walking, not to fly or swim. The tail indicates that this is a cat. This could be thought to be a rabbit or a cat but since it has longer legs that are equal on both sides and a long tail it indicates it is a cat. The legs of a rabbit are shorter and different from the ones below, the legs of a cat are long and have joints that allow them to jump, run, walk and climb. The caracteristics of the skull are long teeth, oval shape and a bone that could show were the ears are. The skull of a rabbit has a different shape and a mouth that only holds small teeth that are not sharp.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Natural Selection

Natural Selection was demonstrated in the videos we saw with the birds, by having lighter bones and more ability to jump they would survive, and if they didn't it would represent a weak specie, this characteristics would help build a specie that is stronger and more equipted to the environment. We also saw how the kangaroos fought and the one that won, showed it was the strongest and got to reproduce with all the females, this is how the specie then becomes stronger; getting rid of all the weak males and changing into a better, stronger one. Like showed in the foxes, the one who got the food was the one that had the best smell and could track from away the prey, this would make only the strong ones survive and leave the weak ones to die, which means the stronger and more prepared to the environmental challenges was the one who would have offspring with similar abilities.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paper Plane Evolution

Where all the planes exactly the same?
All the planes were different, it  does not matter if they came from the initial instructions and are the same model.

What made them different?
 What made them different was the way they had been built, even if they had been constructed based on the same instructions, even in wildlife it does not  matter if it is the same especie animals may be different and have multiple traits that can benefit or contribute to to their elimination.

Did all of the offspring survive the second trial enough to reproduce to the third trial?
Not all of the offspring survived the second trial, many of them didn't make it, in an ecosystem if a species population goes down the amount of offspring will also go down, and in this case if many didn't pass the second trial the population wouldn't increase as much as it would if all of them had passed.

What "variations" helped those survive and reproduce?
Some characteristics that helped to he survival of many of the planes that reached the third trial was the size of the wings, as well as the overall size of the whole plane, the grip and the way it was thrown, most of the time, what determined most of the time whether the plane passed the trial or not was luck, that is also a real life subject when talking about a ecosystem and all the species inside it. In nature many of these characteristics take a meaning when hunting is involved, when the predator is looking for the prey, the way it camouflages and it advantages when fighting for survival.

What outside factors affected the plane while testing them?
Some outside factors that affected the survival of the planes was the distance and the objects around it, in which many people will crash their planes against, this is similar to what really happens in a environment because many objects and disadvantage can cause the survival of a specie.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Evolution Terms

Overproduction: Excessive production; production in excess of need or stipulated amount.

Variation: Amount, rate, extent or degree of change. There are many species of Iguanas. Variation are many different kinds of one same specie  in this case sea iguanas, cactus eating iguanas, big iguanas, etc.

Adaptation: Any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment. The Iguanas adapt to the dry weather by eating the pulp inside the cactus.Not every animal can get to a place and live there normally, they need to adapt to the changes, in this case not every animal can eat cactus pulp instead of water.

Selection: Any natural or artificial process that results in differential reproduction among the members  of a population so that the inheritable traits of only certain individuals are passed on, or are passed on in greater proportion, to succeeding generations.

Speciation: The Formation of new species as a result of geographic, physiological, anatomical, or behavioral factors that prevent previously interbreeding populations from breeding with each other. The sea iguanas are are different from the other iguanas because they have to adapt to geographical features such as the sea.

Isolation: A form of disconnection from the rest of the world. The animals in the Galapagos Islands are Isolated from the rest of the world, this has a positive influence since animals from other environments dont affect negatively the environment.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Thought Question

How can mutations affect us as humans?
Mutations can often affect us if they are negative muttations such as a disease, malformation or something that every single person dosent have. 
Example: Being  alergic to all meats can be a muttation if it can easily be passed on from generation to generation affecting you health.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are unspecialized cells, that means they dont have a job in particular, this cells are not ordinary cells, this cells can be used to cure many diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson or heart disease, the way it cures this type of sickness is by creating new cells that will substitute the harmed cells that have the disease.

 People who are against stem cell research mainly look at the fact that is it taking the opportunity of another life that is being stopped from comming and becoming a new human, this can be counted as killing a baby to people who believe that life starts as soon as the sperm reaches the egg. This for christian is stopping nature from happening as well interfiering with life. "The far future can lead to knowledge on how to clone humans, it is hard to say weather this is true, but we have seen devasting consequences of other research programs, even with good intentions such as nuclear research" Nobel prize winne in Medicine or Physiology Mario R. Capecchi 2007.

There are people who believe that stem cells have a positive effect on sciene and medicine, and they are better than any other cell in the human body since it help cure people all around the world from deathful diseases. This could cure diseases easily just with the egg a woman dosent want and a sperm, that lately its been said that stem cells can also be found in a adult body. "Stem cells can divide themselves creating a bigger quantity of cells unlike other cells" says Dr. Nathan Wei. This cells are said to cure the diseases or sickness quicker and easier than any other medication. People are favour to this research since there are made to think the only think is causes is the cure to many diseases.

I think Stem Cells are not on the best interest of people since they are taking away what could be used or what is a baby and putting it on science, many countries do not permit stem cell research due to the materias needed to create the cells. "Side effects of stem cell transplant can be very serious or even life-threatening" Says the  Canadian Cancer Society, This cells may cure many people but they also but peoples life in risk. In my opinion, this treatment should not be a option for anyone suffering from any sickness and stem cells should not be a way of medication.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Summative Questions

1. Which influences who are more - your genes (nature), or your environment (nurture)?
 Give a reason for your answer.

 Who you are is made up by you genes and the environment you live in, the genes take up how you look and sometimes small traits in your personality, your environment can define the way you react to some things, how you feel as well as many other things. Ex: My genes make me brown haired with brown eyes (nature), while my environment makes me happy and cheerful (nurture). I think what defines me the most is my environment (nurture) because it made y personality the way it is while my genes only made a small part of me, the way I look. You could be influenced by you genes if you have a diseases that is geneticly passed, Alzheimer is a genetic disease that can take away your memory slowly by the death of many brain cells, this causes the brain to shrink, making the brain loose nerve cells and connections. Diseases, as well as many other things that are passed on genetictly make up who you are.

 2. What could happen if DNA does not copy itself properly?

 If the DNA is not copied properly and other cells are not able to kill it, it will start reproducing causing a mutation. There both positive and negative mutations. Ex: A positive mutation can be humans nit getting sick, or being born and not being allergic to anything. A negative mutation can be anything that can easily spread, such as humans having a third eye.

3. Give a advantage and one disadvantage of asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Explain your answers.

A advantage of asexual reproduction is that it is a way faster process than sexual reproduction. A advantage of sexual reproduction is that the offspring is being protected from the outside until it is capable to protect itself. A disadvantage of asexual reproduction is that every single offspring has the same genes, is exactly the same. A disadvantage of sexual reproduction is that it is a slow process.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oreo Lab

Why is it important that every cell copies the DNA exactly? It is important that every single cell in the human body has the same DNA, if not, other cells will try to kill it. Cancer occurs when many cells dont have the exactly same DNA, and the body isint in shape to attack it.