Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Symbiosis is interaction between two or more species, can often involve food.

Types of Symbiosis:

Mutualism: Is the way two organisms of different kind exist together and benefit each other,
Example: The rabbits in Australia cooperate with the birds in that area for food, the birds bring far away found food while the rabbits catch fast running animals.

Commensalism: Symbiosis witch only one benefits the other while the other one nor benefits or harm.
Example: While the Trees give nutrients to insects and plants, they dosent harm or benefit the tree in any way, it only benefits the insects and plants.

Parasitism: The relashionship between two or more organisms were one is being benefit while the other one is being harmed.
Example: Humans benefit the diseases when getting them but are harm themselves.

Symbiosis may affect the food chain  (we have been studying it in class) by lowering the resources that many animals use.

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