Friday, October 24, 2014

Summative Summary Questions

 1.Using and example, describe why a population could not  increase for ever.
Population wouldn't be to increase if its caring capacity did int have enough resources to supply to more population. Also a population cant grow if it has a disease or problem that can affect the population when growing.

2. What are 2 factors that determine whether a population increases or decreases. (Use each factor in a one-sentence example).
If the population of a certain animal changes, the population of many other species will end up affected, and this will make the new animals eat more prey and lower another one. Population can be changed by diseases (decrease), hunting (increasing many preys by decreasing predators)

Example: Hunters starting hunting humming birds, they ate worms and were eaten by foxes. This will decrease the population of humming birds, making the amount of worms increase and the foxes to lower, affecting other animals.

3. Give a reason why the human population of Earth has continued to increase so much for the past hundred years?
Human population has increased so much during this years because of medicine, we have found the cure to many diseases that used to change the number of years we lived,  curing lives and making us healthier, living longer life's.

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