Friday, October 3, 2014

Food Web Discussion Questions

1. Why do we (as scientists) build food webs?
We build food webs to know how our actions against the environment will turn out to be, how what we hurt will influence other animals or elements of our ecosystem, it also shows us in a clear image how the animals that are in danger of extinction will make other differences in the environment when they are gone.

Example: The food web will show if we start killing the humming birds everything else in our environment will change, how the racoons that eat the humming birds will need to adapt. This animals will need to adapt by start eating other foods to stay alive.

2. Give an example of how one change might affect many other parts of an ecosystem.
A change affects everything near it, what it eats and what it is being eaten by. If the population of mice decreases the number of rabbits will also decrease since the snakes that use to eat the mice will need to start eating rabbits, if the population of mice and rabbits decreases, the number of crickets increases since not many animals will eat them. (It goes on and on)

3. Give an example of how one change in La Quebrada  might affect the rest of the ecosystem.

If we start cutting the grass in La Quebrada it will affect the whole ecosystem. The grass that was being eaten by the snails will not be able to feed them anymore so the snails will die, since the humming birds ate the snails, they will need to start eating berries and the ammount of berries will decrease killing many of the omnivore espicies.

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